Centipedes control
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Centipedes control

If you live in a damp area or if your house has moisture problems, you might need centipede control. These insects live in basements, bathrooms, or closets and become active at night. Their body length might reach up to 1.5 cm, and they might have up to 177 pairs of legs. They are normally brown or reddish, and you can notice a pair of long antennae on their heads. Centipedes feed on spiders, worms, and small vertebrates, that’s why some people consider them beneficial. But in fact, you don’t have to tolerate the presence of other insects to get rid of spiders — specialized chemicals will probably do the job much better.

Centipede venom is not dangerousy to people, but it might trigger mild inflammation and swelling. These insects don’t eat human food, destroy upholstering, or cause any other damage. But they are a nuisance from the aesthetic point of view, and it’s quite irritating to see some tiny creatures move out of the corner of your eye. When you crush a centipede, it might leave an unpleasant stain on the surface.

Millipede removal is another popular service that helps to get rid of the insects of the similar sort. Millipedes look like brownish worms with legs, their body length might reach up to 4 cm. Just as centipedes, they prefer damp places and become active when it gets dark. They feed on organic matter. Millipedes don’t transmit diseases, but they might damage wooden flooring and furniture, and their fluid might cause irritation to human skin.

If you try to eradicate these pests by yourself, you will most likely waste your time and effort. Maybe, you will manage to kill several adult species, but many more will invade your house in a matter of a few days. Centipedes and millipedes control should be carried out professionally, with the help of modern powerful insecticides. Like this, you will be able to exterminate the pests permanently and prevent them from coming back to your house.

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Those clients who have already used our services leave positive reviews about our company for the following reasons:

  1. We have a vast experience in pest control. Our highly qualified staff will successfully exterminate the parasites from the premises of any size and configuration as well as outdoor territories.
  2. The insecticides we use are deadly to the parasites and 100% harmless to people, animals, plants, and the environment. They will never pose any threat to your health.
  3. We always keep our prices at a competitive level, so that our services remain accessible to the vastest audience possible.
  4. The fact that our clients eagerly recommend our company to their friends and colleagues serves as the best proof of our professionalism.

Feel free to call or text us, if you need the help of a professional centipedes exterminator. Our managers will be glad to answer your questions, let you know our prices, set the date and time of the pest removal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our company first priority is the safety of our customers, as well as being good stewards of the environment. All materials are EPA approved and all technicians are trained in the safe handling and application of all materials.

In most situations, it will not be necessary to leave your home, but we will ask you to leave the immediate area where the pest technician is working. If it becomes necessary for you to be out of your home during a treatment, this will be arranged in advance for your convenience.

All job applicants are required to pass a series of interviews and background checks (which include criminal and drug tests) before they are even considered for employment.

All technicians go through on-the-job training with a highly experienced trainer for the first month. All of our employees are friendly, professional, and know that our first priority is your safety.


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Very professional company with helpful advice on how to prevent mouse infestation. Inspected areas that mice were drawn to and set traps, bait and sealed off holes. Reasonably priced package with follow-up visits included for the year. Would use again for other extermination needs.
John Wolek
John Wolek@username
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Found more ants this morning. Sales person said they were carpenter ants but they are very tiny . I caught two today and saved them .
Scott T
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They came and did a thorough inspections submitted a written contract, including 2 follow up inspections Placed mouse traps at possible mice traffic locations However, no mice were detected